Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun at G'ma & G'pas

Here are just a few random pictures from our fun week at Grandma & Grandpa's house.
Gpa reading to the kiddos.Spending some quality time with Great Grandma. Gma Sharon showed off her driving skills by taking Troy's '57 Chevy for a cruise around town.
Nolan spent some time resting with/on Gpa.
And after all of this fun, we were just doggone tired.

Night at the Lodge

We spent a fun night at the lodge while we were in ND. The little girls enjoyed the tire swing.A rambunctious game of tag was played. The boys entertained each other. Grandma took pictures and Nolan questioned her abilities.
We roasted marshmallows and ate s'mores while Grandpa supervised.
The kids tried to see how many people they could fit on the golf cart.
Bailey jumped in a cesspool.
She was a filthy mess.
The boys fed Bailey pounds of marshmallows and thought it was hilarious!!
And in our safety first approach to things...Aidyn drove the golf cart with Ty hanging off the back!

We had lots of laughs that night!

ND golfing excursion

While we were back in ND in June (Yes, I said JUNE!) the kids & I spent a lovely afternoon golfing with Ty & Deb & crew. The kids had lots of fun golfing together and cruising around in the golf cart.

And golfing with Ty...well it was kind of like we got to go on our very own ND field trip.
We explored the wetlands...
Were shaded by the ND forests...
And frolicked in the native prairie grasses.
We even got in a quick game of pool!! A very entertaining afternoon, to say the least!