Sunday, September 13, 2009

What's the fuss all about?

Look at this little beauty. This is the new SweeTango apple that was just released from from the U of M. They have been talking about this apple like crazy lately. They say it may overtake the Honey Crisp as their most popular apple. I'm not sure about that, I haven't done a blind taste test yet...but I will!
Speaking of apples, check out this glorious apple. This is hanging from my Honey Crisp tree.
I love this tree.
Look at what pretty apples she produces. She needs a name. Any suggestions??

Not to be left out is my nice little Zestar tree. Next year will be your year to shine my little friend.

1st Day of Preschool

Mr. Nolan started preschool on Friday. He was an excited little boy to get back to his class, friends and teachers.
Here he is standing in his cubby. Good thing it's his last year, it doesn't look like he fit another year.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Remember this? No? Well I do. 2 years ago we planted 23 Arborvitae trees along the back of our yard. They were seedlings and so cute. It turns out over the past 2 years those little trees have grown. Check them out now! Nice job little trees!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Next Project...

Since Aidyn's room is all done, it was time to finish up another little project we've been working on. This is the fence that separates our yard from our neighbors. I decided that is could use a little jazzing up with some vines and flowers.
About a month ago we rented a sod cutter (which weighs 300 pounds...not kidding). We took out about 2 feet of sod along the fence line.
Just look at how slick that sod is cut and rolls up. Awesome!
I planted several Boston Ivy plants along the fence that will eventually grow and cover the entire fence with lush green foliage in the summer and vibrant red leaves in the fall.
I also planted a few Asiatic Lilies (which the rabbits have destroyed - but we'll cover that later). Then I ordered a boat load of perennials to plant along the rest of the fence line.
Last week the plants arrived and it was time to get to work. I filled in the area with garden soil. On a side note, I am now a firm believer that Miracle-Gro garden soil makes a HUGE difference in your plants. I planted 2 areas with perennials last with Miracle-Gro, one with top soil. I can honestly tell you that there is a major difference in how the flowers flourished this year. So Miracle-Gro, if you're reading this, nicely done. Also, if you're looking for a paid spokesperson please feel free to contact me. I can clear some time in my schedule for you.
Anyhoo...I got all the garden soil worked in and got my flowers planted. I planted everything under the sun in every color imaginable. I'm hoping it will look fabulous next year!
Then I put down newspapers to keep the weeds out and covered it all in mulch. Not just any mulch, but my favorite mulch (yes, I have a favorite mulch!). Cocoa bean shell mulch. Oh man, this stuff is fantastic! When you dump it all over the place it makes your yard smell like brownies. I am not kidding. I love going outside and sniffing the chocolaty air. Weird but wonderful.
So here is the finished project. Good luck little plants. May the sun shine down on you, may the rain provide you nourishment and may my live trap catch all those damn rabbits that like to eat you.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

1st Grade...Here we come!!!

We had a very excited 1st grader in our house this morning. She was up by 7:20 (the bus doesn't come until 9:03!) and in the bathroom for a 1/2 hour getting ready for her 1st day!
She was beside herself with excitement!
Here she is getting on the bus with the big kids.
I can't believe she is already in first grade. Where did the time go?

Wow, that went quick.........Love you Aidyn!!!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pimp My Room: 1st Grader Edition

Aidyn has been asking about redecorating her room over the summer. Since I love a good project and love to paint and decorate...well, she got her wish!
Here she is in her 'old' room. I guess it's not horrible, but it's not really decorated, per se. It was kind of a mishmash of furniture and "inventory".
Not a very cohesive design...
So the giant old 80's style dresser got a fresh coat (or 5) of white paint.
The drawers got pretty new handles that Aidyn picked out.
Here's how I jazzed up the mirrors. I made them into memory boards so she had a place to put her pictures and postcards.
And here is the finished product...
Aidyn picked out the paint color and bedding. She has pretty darn good taste!

The finished dresser! Not too shabby!
The reading corner and desk area.
Here is the big reveal to Aidyn. It was a total HGTV moment. She had her eyes closed and when she opened them she said "Is this my room?!?!" And started to cry.
She cried for about 5 minutes. She kept saying "I love it! It's so pretty! I love it!"
And finally...that sweet smile!

That adorable smiling face made all the work (and sore muscles and trip to the chiropractor) worth it. She couldn't be any happier and is thrilled with her new room. Which makes her mommy thrilled too!