Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pool time!

After much pleading and lots of puppy dog eyes, Aidyn convinced Jeff to join her in the pool tonight. Don't they look so cute!? He's such a good daddy!

The Brenne Family

We had a great visit from our friends the Brennes while they were here from Seattle. Aidyn & Nolan had so much fun playing with Campbelle and Christian and Jeff and I really enjoyed catching up with Jill & Leif. We wish we got to see them more often!


We had a playdate last Friday with our friends the Mau's. Eli and Saylor have a new playset in their backyard and had the pool set up at the end of the slide. The kids loved it and had a great time with their friends!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


He looks like he's up to something, doesn't he?

July 4th...

On the 4th of July we just hung out at home. We played outside quite a bit with sidewalk chalk and a vast array of basketballs.

We watched the neighbors drive by on their way to the parade. It was our own little lazy day parade...

Here's Aidyn sporting her homemade 4th of July hat. Pretty fancy!
That night we grilled some good old American steaks, put the kids to bed and sat on our lawn and watched the fireworks. A pretty realxing day.

July 3rd...

On July 3rd we took in the events at the City Center Park. They had pony rides (which were a HUGE hit)...

And Kaptain Kirby train rides.
See what an attentive and cautious driver Aidyn is? Just like her mother, that one is!


We read and read and read...Nolan will finally sit through about 1/2 of a book. We're making progress!

Where's Nolan?


Our friends, the Hovlands, came to visit for a couple days. It was really fun having them here. The kids definitely enjoyed each other!

Dan and Elijah

Nolan(16 mon.), Aidyn(3 1/2), Samuel(6 mon.), Jayda(3) & Elijah(2)