Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Aidyn's College Fund (aka Lemonade Stand)

Our little entrepreneur has been asking for awhile when she can build and operate a lemonade stand. Jeff had her draw out plans for what she wanted it to look like and then they went to Home Depot to do some lumber shopping. It was quite the team effort from the two of them to get the stand built and it turned out beautifully! Aidyn even had the idea to use our old shutters so she could 'open & close' her stand.
Here is Aidyn on opening day. She is set up and ready for business. Apparently being a cute 6 year old girl is a genius marketing plan because she had a fabulous day of business.
Her best customer was her little brother who purchased numerous glasses of lemonade. He dug lots of quarters out of his piggy bank that day. It helps to have loyal customers!

In the days that followed when the stand was not in operation, she took careful inventory of her supplies. What a businesswoman!!

Based on the success of day 1, I believe the lemonade stand will be making a return appearance very soon.

Beginnings & Endings

Aidyn finished Kindergarten a few weeks ago and it's amazing how much she has changed over the last year.
First day of school:
Last day of school:
Maybe you can't tell too much from the pictures, but I definitely have a 1st grader on my hands. Lord help me...

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Aidyn's Song

I have much blogging to catch up on, but for now I have something to share that is just too darn cute to keep to myself. Aidyn wrote her first song today, music & lyrics. She is pleased as can be about her accomplishment and I must say, I am quite proud of her!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


We've been working on some projects around here, trying to spruce up the joint.
Old shutters...
New shutters... Swingset before...
Swingset after...

The patio before...
The patio after...
It's looking better around here, but I've always got more projects on my list. Jeff loves that list.

Bible School

Nolan had bible school last week, Crocodile Dock was the theme this year. He got to be in the same group with his buddy Brooks and they had a great time!

I helped 'shepherd' the kids one day and the energy those boys possessed exhausted me. I tried to get a picture of them together and it was quite the progression through the picture taking process.
Cute, smiley little boys...
Put your arms around and squeeze...
Now pull my friend over to the side...

Oh the fun of wrestling in church.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Men & remotes

OK ladies, we all know men & remotes don't mix. It gives them too much control, too much power...but we can't keep them apart. Men & remotes are drawn to each other like a bee to a flower, like a dog to a bone, like Amy Winehouse to crazy creepiness...
Well my 4 year old 'man' is no different. The kid can't leave the remote alone. Especially since he figured out some of the DVR features. He is constantly pausing, rewinding and recording shows. This morning as he was watching Sesame Street was no different. During the show, the pledge appeal people came on. You remember them from your childhood don't you? All you wanted to do was watch The Electric Company and they would come on. Interrupting your show, asking for money. You really wanted them to go away but yet you also really wanted to call in and give them money because sometimes they would say the names of the people who had donated. And more than wanting to watch your show you really wanted to have them say your name on TV!
Anyhoo, Nolan didn't want to watch the pledge lady, he was not happy she was on. So he started pushing buttons on the remote trying to get back to his show. Now is his defense, he was asking me for help. I was cleaning out the dishwasher and told him I'd help him in "just a minute." Famous last words. By the time I got to the remote, he was off to the bathroom, the remote was tossed under a chair and there was something new on TV. 'Hmmmm' I thought 'what is this? It looks like a movie. What channel did he turn it to?' Apparently in his Sesame Street fury, he pulled up the On Demand feature, selected Movies, found a New Release he liked, selected it and ordered it. We are now enjoying the feature presentation He's Just Not That Into You.
I'll let you know if it's any good.