Monday, March 23, 2009

She's growing up...

Aidyn has been asking for a while to get her ears pierced. I told her that she could get it done whenever she wanted as long as she was sure she was ready. We discussed the procedure (at length...) and she has gone back & forth about doing it because she was afraid of the pain. She recently decided that she was old enough to handle it and was ready to get them pierced. Well, today was the day!
Here she is getting ready...'Mom! I'm not so sure!!!'
And just like that, it was done. She is so proud of her new earrings and of how brave she was. No tears at all, just a little nervousness.
My little girl is growing up...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring Break!!!

Last week was Spring Break, which is good because things can get pretty stressful in Kindergarten & Preschool so everyone needed a break. We headed south for some warm weather...sunny Mexico! Puerto Vallarta to be exact.

The boys started to trip out right...with popsicles & Pacifico. Oh the life!
By the end of day one, Nolan looked like this. Actually, this wasn't the end of the day, it was only about 5pm. We still had to get through dinner!
The boys

The next day we headed to the ocean to splash around. The kids were very excited to play in the ocean.

They had SOOOOO much fun running, jumping & splashing around in the water.

They did play in the sand a little bit...

Enough to get plenty of sand in all sorts of cracks & crevices.
Most of the time was spent in the pool but we did take a break for arts & crafts. Here is Aidyn with the dolphins she painted.
The girls
Me & my sweet peas at the pool.
Anytime Nolan was out of the pool, he needed to be wrapped in a towel or else he was freezing. Never mind that it was in the 80's the whole week we were there!
More fun in the ocean...
Here we are at dinner the last night of our trip.
Our last sunset. Beautiful!

We all had a great time and the kids keep saying how much they loved Mexico! It was a fun week together and boy did that sun feel good! Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Nolan's Birthday Party

We celebrated Nolan's 4th birthday with our families the Saturday after his birthday. He wanted a Spider-Man party, so G'ma Sharon obliged with this nifty cake. He got lots of very nice gifts. Thanks everyone!
Jeff's favorite was the Nerf gun that Nolan got. We have used that gun to shoot pretty much everything in this house. Walls, windows, the ceiling fan (while spinning), each other, you name it...we've taken target practice.
Here's our handsome 4 year old with his new Twins cap on. It will come in handy at that fancy new outdoor stadium next summer. Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate with us!