Monday, September 22, 2008

The Pièce de résistance

We have been working on a landscaping project in our yard for 2 years. OK, OK, it's only been about 1 month, but it SEEMS like 2 years. Just look at all those damn rocks!
Here is what the area looked like before we started. There were some dead junipers under tree on the left that I pulled out a couple years ago. In the center you can see what was left of some rose bushes. There were 4 when we moved in, it was down to 2 scraggly sticks.
Around this evergreen were a bunch of 'past-their-prime' spireas. We pulled them out (that had to have been quite fun for the neighbors to watch!)
Then we started shoveling out the rocks. That job is a pain in the ass. There is no other way to describe it. It took us over a week to remove them, but they are finally gone!
After the rocks were gone, we pulled up the old weed guard, worked in some new garden soil and reshaped the area a little bit to make it more irregular. I don't do well with uniformity.
Then it was time to buy plants! I got several varieties of shrubs...Hydrangeas, Mock-Oranges, Barberry, Chrysanthemums. I also got a boat-load of perennials...Dianthus, Liatris, Black-Eyed Susan, Coral Bells, Coreopsis.
When it was time to plant, I called in some help. My brother Troy came to give direction. The large rock was the perfect perch for his rear end.
By the time we got it all figured out, Troy was tired and needed to take a break. At least we know I was keeping him hydrated.

With the plants in the ground it was time to mulch. While I worked on the mulch, Troy waited for one of the new apple trees to start producing. I didn't have the heart to tell him... it is again BEFORE:

I'm happy with how it turned out and am hoping that everything comes up strong, healthy and pretty in the spring. If I remember, maybe I'll post a picture next year when a few things are flowering. Chances are slim that I'll remember that though.
Thanks Jeff, Aidyn, Nolan and of course Troy for all your help!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cracked me up!

Here is the opening skit from SNL last Saturday night. I busted a gut watching this. Tina Fey nailed this impersonation of Sarah Palin. Oh, political parody is just too funny!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Things I would do for you if you are my friend/family/neighbor:
Cook you dinner
Watch your kids (even if they're brats)
Drive you to the airport
Help you move
Help you paint
Take care of your house while you're out of town
Go buy Pedialyte for your sick kids because you can't go to the store because you're covered in puke
Many other things, actually most anything you can think of...

Things I won't do for you no matter who you are:
Shovel your landscaping rocks

Friday, September 05, 2008

Day 2

Don't worry, this will not be a day by day account of Kindergarten, I just had to get a few pictures this morning. How can you NOT take pictures of this sweet little girl in THIS outfit!?!?! Seriously, is there anything cuter???

Getting on the bus...That is a big bus for such a little girl. Note the bus number...Yikes! Let's pray for a good year on the bus!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

And so it begins...

It is a big day at our house. Actually, a HUGE day! Aidyn started Kindergarten and Nolan started Preschool! I will soon be starting therapy for my impending mental breakdown. Both kids were beside themselves with excitement this morning.
Here is my little Kindergartner...
Waiting in the driveway for the school bus.
Here's our preschool star. He informed me yesterday that at Preschool he will be a 'genius'! Sounds like a good goal to me.
I asked Nolan if I could take a picture of him in front of his cubby. He agreed as long as he could be inside the cubby. Whatever works.

Both kids we very happy at the end of their school day, which is a good sign. Aidyn's looking forward to tomorrow so she can ride the bus again (that seems to be the biggest thrill...funny how that same bus ride is the one thing that made her mother breakdown this morning.) I guess it's all perspective.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

End of Summer Activities

With summer drawing to a close and the school year about to start we've been busy getting in a few more fun summer activities. 2 weekends ago we finally made it up to visit our friends Corey & Ana. When I say 'made it up to visit' I'm talking about making the grueling 45 minute drive to their house. How sad is that?? Anyway, we had a fun day visiting, eating and tooling around the lake on the pontoon. Nolan & Aidyn were in charge of driving the boat...we eventually made it back to shore safely.
This past weekend we had our fantasy football draft (which I'd like to remind everyone that I won last season!!!) Any-hoo, the day after the draft we headed to the State Fair with our friends Shawn & Bridget. We spent the day cruising the fairgrounds, people watching and eating like pigs. On the list of fair cuisine this year were cheese curds, corn dogs, gyros, strawberries & cream, cookies & milk, mac-n-cheese on a stick and a new intro this year which I thought was quite tasty...homemade tater tots on a stick. They are shredded potatoes mixed with sour cream, cheese, chives & bacon all mixed together, battered and then fried. Great on the taste buds, hell on the arteries.
Here are Nolan & Kya enjoying a stroller ride through the fair.
The kids went on a couple rides. Aidyn picked the roller coaster (the kiddie version). It was their first time on a roller coaster and it went pretty well. Aidyn did have a look of "Oh crap, why did I pick this ride?!?!" But by the end of it, they looked like they were having fun. We were exhausted, filthy and about 80 pounds heavier by the end of the day, but it was another fun adventure to the Sate Fair.