Saturday, April 18, 2009


We celebrated Easter at home. I have very few pictures from Easter Sunday because my camera battery was dead! I know, you just can't believe it! Anyway, we had a nice day which started by finding eggs from the E.B. Then we were off to church where Aidyn's choir sang. For brunch we headed out to eat at the casino. Yeah baby, nothing says Easter like slot machines and people gorging themselves on buffet food.

The afternoon was spent playing Wii, relaxing and I may have slipped in a bit of a nap. It was a nice relaxing Easter for us!

The Works

We visited The Works one afternoon. Here is the description according to their website...'The Works is a "hands-on, minds-on" museum that makes learning about engineering, science and technology interesting, understandable and fun.' I have to say, it was interesting, understandable and fun.

This was my favorite thing, the Light Harp. There aren't actual strings, but instead there are laser lights that allow you to play the notes. Very cool!

Everyones favorite 'Carnival' mirrors. No pictures of me in these things!
They had several exhibits on gears & gizmos, Nolan enjoyed trying all of those out.

There was also a building area where the kids spent a ton of time building cars to race and using foam blocks to build houses. It was a really neat place to visit, totally geared towards kids with stuff to interest the adults too.

Easter eggs

So we've been a bot slow at updating the blog over the last month...sorry. Let's do a quick catch-up.
The kids decorated Easter eggs...

Aidyn helped me make a Jello cake...yep, that is five different flavors of Jello layered together, covered in Cool Whip (with a dirty little boy finger in it). A dream from my childhood.