Monday, February 26, 2007

Welcome home

We had a great time in Mexico, but it was so nice to get home. We missed the kids tremendously and I dare say they missed us too. There's nothing like snuggling up for a story to enjoy some time together.

Viva Mexico!

The Monday after Nolan's birthday Jeff and I left for Mexico. We went to the Mayan Riviera area near Playa del Carmen. The weather was perfect, in the mid 80's the whole week. We enjoyed a week of relaxing by the pool, reading (we each read 4 books!) and eating our little hearts out. It was a very nice break and we really had a great time.

Apparently our waiter thought I looked thirsty at dinner. Red wine, a peach margarita and water should hit the spot.

We had some nice wildlife at our hotel to enjoy. There were iguanas everywhere, a 3-legged Mexican resort cat that we affectionately named Mr. Meowser and some sort of strange Mexican giant roaming rat. I don't think they were actually rats, but we had no idea what in the world they were.

Getting ready for the 2027 NFL draft

The best part of Nolan's birthday was that our entire family was able to come and help celebrate.
Here is my side of the family...

Here is Jeff's side...

It was so fun to have everyone here. We had a great time!

Gift time!

After digging into cake, it's time to dig into presents. Nolan could hardly wait!
Here is our little football player in part of the outfit he got from Great Aunts Patsy and Donna & Great Uncle Craig.

A drum machine from Grandma Janice & Grandpa Horace. (plus extra batteries...gee thanks)

Aidyn gave Nolan this cowboy outfit to they can play dress-up together. The princess & the cowboy...

Nolan received so many nice gifts for his birthday. What a fortunate little boy. Thanks to everyone!!!

The cake

Here is Nolan's adorable puppy cake that Grandma Sharon made for him.

It not only looked delicious, it tasted delicious as well.

Dig in buddy!

Nolan's big day!

The crowds arrived on Saturday (17th) to help Nolan celebrate. Here is the birthday boy with Kimberly & Kaitlyn.

Sean, McKayla & Aidyn

Grandma Janice & Nolan getting some one-on-one time.

A lazy day...

This was the day before Nolan's birthday. Just a layed back day of cuddling while watching TV... and catching up on some reading.

Friday, February 09, 2007

A little girl, a stamper and quiet time...

This is what happens.


This is one of my favorite things that the kids do together. I love it when Aidyn "reads" to Nolan! So sweet!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Our Super Star

Aidyn had her final night of basketball last night. She did a great job and said she wants to play again when the next session starts. Here are a few highlights.
Shooting the baseline jumper.

Here she is dribbling in for a shot.

Working on her ball handling skills.

Dribbling around the court.

This is a clip from the game they played. As you can tell, Aidyn is a power forward on the team.

Go Team Pikachu!

Here's our star with her medal for a season well played. Great job Aidyn!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Winter Project List

Project #2: Paint our bedroom
Status: Complete
After 6 years of living in our house I've painted nearly every room with the exception of ours. I finally decided to get that done. The official color is Eastern Amber, it's kind of a nice butterscotch. Now, as you can see, I really need to find something for the walls. That should only take another 6 years.
(FYI...the large circle above the bed that you can see in this picture is from the flash on my camera. No rising sun painted above the bed, no heavenly halo above where I rest my head, just thought I'd clarify.)

I thought you NDSU alumni out there would appreciate the can cooler she is using in this picture. A new generation of Chubs customers is on the way.

Pudding anyone?

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Well, I've NEVER!

We've got a serious case of the "I Never" in our house. Aidyn has taken a liking to telling us all the things she never gets to do. Things such as "I never get to pick where we go to eat." "I never get to stay up all night." "I never get to eat dessert at every meal." All of these things are said with a pouting lip and a bit of whine in her voice. I just have to laugh at some of these (others I turn a deaf ear to). Oh the struggles of being 4...