Thursday, December 03, 2009


I was at the grocery store yesterday and I stopped to look at a carton of Soy Nog (egg nog made with soy instead of milk). Just to check it out... Anyway, as I was reading the nutritional information I noticed a bold statement on the side of the carton: Not for use as infant formula.
Would someone actually be at the store thinking "Hmmm....should I get baby Susie the Enfamil or the Soy Nog? Such a hard choice."


jilldaisbrenne said...

yeah, but did you buy it? Two things I detest... soy milk and egg nog = vomitt

KJ said...

I did not buy it. I was looking at the nutrit. content to see if it was actually any 'better for you' than regular nog. Don't think I will buy it either, now that I imagine vomit in a carton.

Anonymous said...

Some people just put Coke in the bottle. Helps the baby sleep. :)

Lisa said...

I would suppose that disclaimer is for all the idiots in the world that also need the disclaimers on car seats and such..."don't install this carseat with your infant in it" etc...etc....the world is full of stupid people!