Saturday, September 22, 2007

Palm Springs

This past week Jeff had a conference at the La Quinta Resort just outside of Palm Springs and he surprised me by taking me with! I did know about it a bit ahead of time so I could prepare, but he had gotten my ticket and arranged for my parents to come take care of the kids all without me knowing. What a sweetie, he is definitely a keeper!!!
Jeff was busy with work most of time, but we did get to enjoy some time together. The rest of the time I lounged by the pool and read books. It was such a nice, relaxing treat! Thanks to everyone!

Jeff's Birthday

Jeff's birthday was on the 16th so the kids helped me make him a cake...dark chocolate cake with peanut butter of his favorites.
We went out for dinner and then had cake when we got home. The kids were very proud of the cake they helped make.

Happy Birthday Jeff!!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Camping Trip

Yesterday we took the kids on their first camping trip. We decided to just go for one night to try it out. We picked a campground close to home in case of emergency(such as someone deciding they were afraid of the dark) and away we went. The kids were so excited and were ready to explore once we got there.
Last night we went for a walk around the campground and through the nature preserve. Where I come from we called it a slough, but whatever...

Nolan found some dandelions to pick.

We even tried our hand at Frisbee Golf, which we were not very good at. But hey, we tried!
We all had a great time and the night in the tent was pretty uneventful. When we left the campground this afternoon, Aidyn told us she wanted to stay there forever. I think it may have something to do with the roasted marshmallows but I can't blame her...they are TASTY!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Today is Aidyn's 1st day of preschool for the year! She was very excited this morning and looking forward to a new year of learning.

Here she is in her classroom. We had to build a house out of blocks before I left so she'd have a place to sit. She looks happy....and then the tears started. We had to say goodbye several times and then I basically had to pry myself away from her. One of her teachers took her to read books and she was fine within a minute or two but it is sure hard to walk away from your little girl when she's crying. I know she's fine and will have a great time, but that is sure hard on a mommy's heart.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


This morning we met some of our friends out at the Arboretum for a play date. Here are the girls (Daisy, Lydia & Aidyn) enjoying each others company.

Here are the boys (Nolan, Brooks & Mason) sort of agreeing to have their picture taken.
We had a very fun morning playing & exploring and then had a nice picnic with our friends. What a great way to spend the day!

State Fair

On Sunday we made our annual trip to the State Fair with our friends Shawn, Bridget & Kya. We rode the bus there, which is always a huge hit!
We saw lots of animals and the kids got to pet several babies. Here is Aidyn with a new calf (which were her favorite since that is what Grandpa Jerry has!)

I took both kids down the giant slide. Aidyn seemed a little more fearful this year, but Nolan giggled the whole way down.

The kids went on a couple rides on the kid-way.

And we ate a ton of food! So many delicious fair delicacies...corn dogs, cheese curds, cookies, root beer, fried pickles, chocolate name it, they've got it (and we probably tried it).
We had a very fun day and are already looking forward to next year!