Tuesday, September 08, 2009

1st Grade...Here we come!!!

We had a very excited 1st grader in our house this morning. She was up by 7:20 (the bus doesn't come until 9:03!) and in the bathroom for a 1/2 hour getting ready for her 1st day!
She was beside herself with excitement!
Here she is getting on the bus with the big kids.
I can't believe she is already in first grade. Where did the time go?

Wow, that went quick.........Love you Aidyn!!!


mom said...

Wow, it does not seem possible that our little Aidyn is already in the first grade. I know she is ready for it, not so sure about her mother. Love you guys.

Danette said...

Hope the big first grader had a great first day!! Seriously, the bus doesn't come until 9:03!? We start school at 8:00am! The bus would stop at our place at 7:25 if I didn't drive them to school!

Allee said...

Who is that young boy in the black shirt holding baby Aidyn?!?

Anonymous said...

She is such a little girl in the swing...she is so grown up. It brings tears to my eyes but auntie is such a softy. Half hour is a blessing...waiting until it's 45 min then 1 hour. You begin to wonder if they fell asleep in there. Shirley