Friday, May 29, 2009

They try to copy his swagger

My little man likes to dance. And to tell you the truth, the kids got rhythm. His current favorite song is Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas. He's loved the song for awhile as he hears it a ton while we are in the car. Well, since he saw BEP on American Idol he has discovered a new love for them, Fergie in particular. But seriously, who can blame him...

So here he is, breakin' it down for ya.

Last day of Preschool

Nolan finished his last day of preschool for the year last week. He was quite excited about the prospect of heading off to Kindergarten in the fall until we told him he has another year of preschool. Oh well, that will be fun too!
There was a short ceremony during which the kids sang the Spanish colors song they learned this year. You can see bits and pieces of Nolan, but I didn't have a very good angle on him.
Each child received a certificate and got to tell everyone what they want to be when they grow up. Jeff and I both assumed he would say baseball player or golfer or football player...nope. Nolan wants to be a robot when he grows up. Follow your dreams buddy!

After they got their certificate they went to sit with their parents. Or if you're lucky enough to have your big sister go to school in the same building AND her parents grant her permission to play hooky for awhile, you get to sit with her.
The whole family...
Here is Nolan with his best buddy Hudson. They are very fond of each other.
Nolan with his teacher Ms. Nancy. She will be his teacher next year too and she was also Aidyn's preschool teacher.

Nolan was quite proud of his achievement and as a special treat he got to pick where to go out for lunch. We ate like kings at Taco Bell!
Congrats Nolan, we are so proud of you!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aidyn's Musical

Last Sunday, Aiydn finished her church choir year up with the children's musical, It's Cool in the Furnace.

All the kids did a great job, but we were particularly proud of Aidyn. She tried her hardest to remember all the words and actions. It was a tough job, but she did great!

Creeping Phlox

I planted a few small mounds of creeping phlox a few years ago and let me tell you, that stuff has a mind of its own! It has taken off like crazy and taken over the area where I planted it. It's very pretty in the spring, but the blossoms only last a few weeks. Here it is this past week (before the hurricane force winds).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day

We had a very fun Mothers Day yesterday at our house. It all started with a party in Aidyn's room to celebrate the day. Aidyn and Jeff made a Mothers Day cake (note how the candles spell 'MOM'). :-) This is what it looks like when a 4 year old boy gets chocolate cake at 10:00 am.
After lunch we headed to one of my favorite places, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Aidyn was really excited to go as she has been learning about Monet at school and the MIA has a few Monets in their permanent collection. Well, it turned out the most exciting thing the kids came across was while they were looking out the window someone was walking by with a beagle! Amazing!
Here is Aidyn with a Monet painting.
Not to be out done, Nolan wanted his picture with the 'Smoking Guy'.
After the museum we checked out the park across the street which was just beautiful right now with all the trees in bloom.
Nolan even got to chase a few pigeons. Here he is trying to sneak up on one. Quite funny to watch...
Nolan in the car on the way home...a very exhausted little boy. Side note...we are sitting in the Costco parking lot here. We stopped to get ice cream on the way home and you can't beat getting ice cream for all of us for less than $ I love Costco!

Jeff's folks came around dinner time and we all went out to eat. So it was a fabulous day...I had a party, I didn't have to cook, I went to one of my favorite places and I got to spend the day with my sweet kiddos and my awesome husband. It doesn't get much better!

Friday, May 08, 2009


Last fall I planted a bunch of tulip bulbs and hoped for the best. Well, they are finally blooming and they are awesome! I love seeing these colors in my yard.
And remember the apples trees we planted last fall? No? Well, never mind...I remember. Anyway, here is one of them full of beautiful buds. They survived the winter - YES!

Random Cuteness

Cinco de Mayo

We held our annual Cinco de Mayo party last Saturday night and like an idiot, I forgot to take 1 single picture!!! Not happy with myself.
We had about 30 people here enjoying the festivities. There was much laughing, drinking and eating of guacamole. I think everyone had a fun time, I know I did!
So even though I forgot to take pictures of the party, I did take a picture the next day. We asked everyone to bring something for our local food shelf and boy did people deliver. We had 5 grocery bags stuffed with food & personal care items to take the food shelf! The lady at the food shelf said we must have really great, generous friends. I couldn't agree more!